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Conducting Business as a Good Ancestor

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Thanks for stopping by to visit Coastside Ventures. We’ve been around since 1987 working on products large and small. We’ve delivered results in Technology, Telecommunications, Public Sector, Financial Services, Energy, and Consumer Services segments, usually concentrating on the intersection of humans and software. As our name implies, we have a focus on business activities on the San Mateo County Coast in California.

In addition to helping others, we also work on our own projects to hone our skills and for financial gain. One of our featured projects is – a radically better resume. Another featured project is Oddyssea – interactive retail.

Our measure of success is not purely financial, we judge our results through the lens of our mission: Be a good ancestor. We strive to consistently make decisions and take actions, large and small, that advance that mission for our family and for the broader set of families in our community.

We are always open to meeting new people and exploring new opportunities.

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April 26th, 2012 at 12:03 am

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